You can search for case records using this website.  If you wish to perform a search, follow these steps:


1.          Select the appropriate area that you would like to search from the search menu. 
The different search areas include the following:


2.          Select an option from the “Search By” drop-down menu.


-    Case

-    Party

-    Attorney


-    Attorney

-    Case

-    Judicial Officer

-    Party or Defendant Name


3.          The search parameters displayed are based on the option you selected in the “Search By” field.  Enter the information you wish to search for in the parameters listed.


4.          After you enter the information you wish to search for in the search parameters, click the Search button.  This will take you to the Search Results screen.


5.          To view case information, click on the case number hyperlink on the Search Results screen (located on the left side of the screen).


When searching for case records, certain fields are required fields.  These fields require you to enter a value in the field in order to perform a search successfully.  The required fields are identified with a red “+” symbol.  In addition to the red “+” symbol, these fields have bold, red labels to help you easily identify which fields are required.



If you do not have all of the information you need to search for case records, there are a few tools that might help you perform your search successfully.  These tools are listed below:




Here are a few examples:




If you are unsure of the exact Case Number, use the wildcard feature, i.e. “2005-334*”


There are a few restrictions when using these helpful search tools, which are:

1.    You cannot use the Wildcard feature and the Soundex feature at the same time.

2.    You must have at least 1 character in the first name before using the Wildcard feature on a First Name.

3.    You must have at least 1 character in the last name before using the Wildcard feature on a Last Name.

4.    You must have at least 4 characters (other than dashes) before using the Wildcard feature on a Case Number or Cross Reference Number.




After you search for a case record, you can continue to perform additional searches.  If you wish to perform additional searches, you can use the hyperlinks located in the black header.  These hyperlinks include the following:

·        Logout – Clicking this hyperlink logs you out of the site (if applicable)

·        Search Menu – Clicking this hyperlink brings you back to the Search Menu screen

·        New Search – Clicking this hyperlink allows you to perform an additional search in the same search area in which you are currently working

·        Back – Clicking this hyperlink brings you back to the previous screen you were using

·        Help – Clicking this hyperlink launches the Public Access Help dialog





Q:  After I click on the link, why am I asked to select a program to view the file?

A:  Your computer does not have a program that can view *.tiff files.  A .tiff viewer is necessary to view these images.  

     To configure a WindowsXP PC to know what program to use to open a .tiff document

            - double-click “My Computer”  

            - click Tools  |  Folder Options  |  “File Types”  tab 

            - verify that there is no entry for TIFF by pulling the elevator box down to the T’s

            - click the [New] box

            - type “TIFF” in the File Extension box and click [OK]

            - click the [Change] box to the right of “Opens with”

            - click the “Select program from a list” radio button and click [OK]

            - select the program that you want to use – probably “Windows picture and fax viewer” & click [OK]

-          click [Close]  &/ or [OK]  or whatever you need to do to gracefully close all the windows


Q:  What does the red “W” icon next to the case number mean?

A:  The red “W” icon means there is an active warrant(s) for an individual on that case record.


Q:  How do I use the Soundex feature?

A:  Check the “Use Soundex” checkbox when entering your search parameters.


Q:  How do I use the Wildcard feature?

A:  Place an * at the area of the Case Number, Cross Reference Number, First Name or Last Name field in which you do not know the remaining information.